There are many moments in my life that have become compounded by a song, certain lyrics or even just a specific rhythm or beat.  But there is one that will always and forever hold a special place in my heart.  Many people might not understand it but I do.  This song isn’t slow, it isn’t a ballad and doesn’t scream romance in the traditional sense of the word, but to a 13 year old girl who was experiencing her first crush, along with her first kiss and her first boyfriend, it was everything. It was the embodiment of what she felt this boy felt for her. 


So the story goes like this: It was the summer of 96′ right before I was starting my 8th year of schooling.  There was a boy who I considered to be the epitome of cute and adorable.  He was my age and he came from a family with 8 other siblings.  His grandmother was friends with my mother so we spent a fair amount of time around each other.  We would play games, talk, hold hands and laugh together among other things. His name was Keith and he was beautiful.  We talked about everything and anything that we could think up for hours.  Sometimes we would even spend the night together sleeping side by side, innocently of course, when my mother would stay for long nights talking with his grandmother at their house.  Our parents used to joke about us getting married when we grew up and how things would be.  We were inseparable.  He did for me and I for him. At that age I considered what I felt for him love and in certain respects it was love.  It was a wonderful summer and a wonderful year that lead up to it.  The reason I chose the song I did is because this was our song.  This was the song he would “sing” to me, if that’s what you would call it.  He made me feel special and important and cared for.  I felt like he could give me the world.  

Alas that all came to end towards the beginning of the school year when I found out that he and his family were moving to Florida.  I was heartbroken.  I didn’t know what I was going to do without my bestfriend.  He was everything to me at that age.  We wrote each other for a long time after that and my family and I even went to Florida to visit with them but it wasn’t enough. We were still very young and we drifted apart.  

About 3 or 4 years later I heard about him and how he was doing. He was in school doing what he needed to do to be successful in his life.  I still miss that innocence and newness and excitement I had when I was younger.  You don’t get to experience something that special very much in a lifetime and I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything.